It has been exactly two weeks since I came back from Cuba. Everyone asked us if we enjoyed our trip in Cuba, I guess I have to put it this way: we had a higher expectation for this trip and not everything could always follow our way...but overall, I think it was a pretty good trip. I do miss the beautiful Caribbean ocean. It is so beautiful. Larry and I always woke up early and took a morning walk along the beach. There is no such thing like this in Vancouver so we really enjoyed it. However, while in Cuba, we both miss the food in Vancouver. There is nothing special about the food in Cuba... It's kind of plain. I guess I will bring my own salt and ketchup next time then :) We stayed in Varadero and visited Havana for one day. During this trip, we met so many good people. I still remember a lady from Austria told us that her dream is to open a Bed & Breakfast in Spain eventually... It was really great to meet her and know something little about her :) We also met some couples from Canada as well. Because of these people, our trip had become even more special to us :) Hope you're enjoying the photos and best luck to everyone

Love soaking my feet in the salty water....

The best Pina Colada in Cuba, probably the best in the world.

This is the view of Rockies from the airplane window. Such an amazing view.

2013 December. Cuba

Best Luck,


  1. I really enjoyed the photos, especially the one of the coconut chilling out with the shades on. All the food looks amazing & the cocktails look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    The Fashann Monster

  2. At least the food LOOKS delicious. These photos are great. Maybe your expectations were too high? :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

    1. Could be! But good thing I enjoyed the sun and ocean :D

  3. Amazing photos!! I love your blog :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had an amazing time, I'm very jealous!

    x greta

  5. Oh my gosh, Cuba looks gorgeous! I am very jealous, you took some beautiful pictures. :).

  6. Oh - I wish I would be there - just now :)
    waking up and starting the day with a walk along the beach is the best recuperation ever !!!

    best wishes LorĂ¡
    visit Papperlapapp

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  8. Hi claire, i have followed you on instagram, i'm happy to know that you enjoy your trip, and you meet new people...i think that this are the most important things during holidays...
    Have a great weed, this photos are amazing

  9. So beautiful! The beaches there look gorgeous. Hope you had a great time regardless of the lack of ketchup, haha :)

    Loving these street style snaps! +inspiration :)


  10. Amazing pics!!


  11. Beautiful pictures! The beach seems to be so peaceful and perfect to relax. The color of the Caribbean ocean is amazing. The picture of the coconut with sunglasses and a straw is so funny and creative! It must have been nice to have a little break from the cold weather in Vancouver.

  12. This place is a must visit for me. It looks so beautiful with the antique cars.


  13. I love your handbag,and your style is so attract with me.


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