The Base Shaper

As many of you may know about this, the handbag eventually loses the shape over the time due to gravity and heavy objects in the bag. Yet, this problem can be solved! Thanks to the Designer Base Shapers for inventing this little guy - it's light, transparent and, the most important part, helping you hold the bottom part so the handbag doesn't lose its original shape that easily. I barely noticed the base shaper after I put it in the bag. Another great thing about this base shaper is that the objects doesn't really move around with the base shaper. And it's definitely a perfect gift for someone too! Make sure to check out Designer Base Shapers webiste here. PS. they do custom base shapers!

Oops, sorry for the bad photo taking! Just want to show you guys what it looks like when it's placed in the bag :) Make sure to check Designer Base Shapers! Oh, they ship internationally :) 


  1. great idea, many thanks for :)

    best wishes

  2. Love it
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    A chic kiss ;)

  3. Great idea dear!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  4. This base shaper is great! It's what every woman needs to keep her bag's shape. I'm checking out the website right now and it's amazing how many different styles they have. It's really a good idea. Thanks for introducing us to this.
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. This is actually such a great idea! I've always thought about buying one of those bag-in-bag things but then they'd get in the way of the bags original pockets & stuff. But this is so discrete I think it would actually work great!

    The Fashann Monster

  6. The bag looks really, really cool! I love the color of it, it would be a great pop of color to any outfit! :)
    Cannot wait to see how you will style it! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing!
    My Valentino bag is losing its shape, so I hope I can solve it this way.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  8. super lovely bag!

  9. wow, what a great idea! never thought of that! you have a lovely blog!! followed you :)

  10. Such an awesome idea! I can't believe I havn't come across it before, haha.

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  11. Hey great product. Didn't know it even existed. Thanks for the info =)


  12. What size did you order for this purse? I have the same purse and received my base shaper today, but it's too long!

    1. I measured the bottom myself, 11x4 inches, and the base fits all right (could be a bit wider but it's still fine). Did you take the measurement yourself?


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