Food Adventure: Los Angeles

No matter how busy or tired I am on a day, I always look forward to delicious food when it's the time! I do love food, especially yummy ones! Before visiting LA, I did some research on restaurants in LA since Larry and I only stayed there for a few days. When I go to a restaurant, I care more about their service rather than the food quality. If their service is really bad, I don't think I want to visit again despite how tasty the food is. I mean great service always makes up something and definitely keeps the customers happy :) I have to say that LA has so many delicious healthy food restaurants, which we really enjoyed! So I compiled a list of the restaurants we went, and just a warning: don't read this post before bedtime :P Bon Appétit!

1. Casa Martin Mexican Restaurant, website

Friendly price, unforgettably delicious Mexican food, and marvelous service! We visited there on our first night and had a great dining experience (also visited there for the second time on our last night.... see how good it is that we had to come back :P). If you go there during their happy hour, I strongly recommend their fish taco! Unlike other fish tacos we tried before, you can actually taste the "real" fish meat without feeling too oily or super sauce-ish. It was just perfect! I feel The staffs were really friendly and enthusiastic, making sure we actually had a great time and enjoyed their food. This is probably the best Mexican food I have ever had!

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2. Gracias Madre, website

Comparing to other Mexican food restaurants, this one is the fancy version of a vegan Mexican restaurant with its beautiful and modern interior design. The food we ordered tasted all right, not surprisingly good or bad, but the drink was fantastic. Their service was a bit slow but I guessed it always happens when the restaurant gets really busy. Overall, our dining experience was okay but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't recommend this one to my friends unless they are there for the beautiful interior design.

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3. Urth Caffe in Santa Monica, website

I just wish Vancouver had Urth Caffe! I'm impressed by their wide selection of food, which includes bakery, sandwiches, desserts and many more. I heard many good reviews about their organic latte so I ordered one and it was really good! It was smooth and doesn’t have the bitter taste afterward. Larry and I both enjoyed our wrap and panini. But be prepared for a long line up if you go there late. Their service was quick and friendly, even though the place was pretty busy.

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4. Café Gratitude, website

If you’re all about eating healthy food or a vegetarian, this place is definitely for you! I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on their menu because they all look delicious (oh my, now I’m hungry!). Larry and I came here for a light lunch since we didn’t feel like to have heavy meal on a hot day. I love healthy drinks so I absolutely love their juice/elixirs. I ordered the Healthy juice (kale, celery, cucumber, lemon juice) and Larry ordered the Elevated juice (rose water, lemon juice, agave, sparkling water, splash of beet juice). I actually felt energized after having the drink, interesting huh?! The servants were kind too so I would definitely come back for sure :)

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5. Border Grill in Santa Monica, website

Another Mexican food restaurants! I mean we don't have many Mexican food restaurants in Vancouver, especially the authentic ones, so we felt like we need to take the chance and eat all the Mexican food as much as we could during our stay in LA :P The food were all right to us. The food surely looked delicious but somehow we didn't feel it was THAT good (maybe we were spoiled by Casa Martin's yummy tacos). The service was really great so I wouldn't mind to come again if I can't find any other good Mexican restaurant nearby.

Border Grill on Urbanspoon

6. Joan's on Third, website

This is another my favourite spot in LA. It's a neat place with a market and restaurant in one spot. Their menu has wide selection of healthy food and drink. The place seems to be busy all the time but I don’t think you should have hard time to look for seats since people always come and go quickly. The chicken pot pie and the sandwich were delicious! The staffs were friendly and helpful. Larry and I even had a pleasant chat with one of the cashiers who introduced a good white wine and kindly gave us the sample to try (so we bought a few back to Vancouver).

Joan's on Third on Urbanspoon

7. Le Pain Quotidien in Santa Monica, website

We came here on our last day for breakfast. The place is adorable with red bricks and wood, which creates a French provincial atmosphere. The omelette I had was averagely good, but the avocado definitely added some bonus (I definitely love everything with avocado!). The latte was good, but Urth Caffe’s latte definitely was way better. Their service was a bit odd… when we first stepped into the place, a woman near the cashier just handed us the menu without saying anything. We thought we had to order the food at the front desk first so we stood there for like 5 minutes. When we were about to order food, the woman told us to have a seat first (I was like why didn’t you tell us in the first place?). Anyways, after we sat down, our waiter came to take our order. He was much better than the lady so the rest was all right. Overall, the food was fresh and good, and the service… depends on your luck I guess, haha.

Le Pain Quotidien on Urbanspoon

All right, that's all for my food adventure in LA. If you live in LA or know where to eat in LA, let me know in the comments below! I would love to take notes and add those in my wishlist for my second time visit :) xoxo, Claire.

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  1. As a local Casa Martin is one of my all time favorite places in Los Angeles to eat. I love it!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Omgoodness! I'm drooling!! Everything looks so delicious. I'm actually pretty much the opposite hehe. I don't mind too much if the service isn't that great. All I want is the food to be good! But there is definitely a line to be crossed. Inattentive I can mange, but rude is a no no!

  3. They are indeed look so delicious!
    I agree with you, i always hate bad service blah! I always get upset with bad service, no matter how tasty the food is :p
    Great postm dear.

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  4. Delicious photos!
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  5. Love this… yum and beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  6. My mouth is watering, so yummy! Great shots!

  7. Everything looks delicious! But I don't live in LA... :(

    The Fashion Brook

  8. everything looks amazing. need a trip to LA soon.

  9. Oh my God, the food looks incredibly delicious!! Makes me wanna book a ticket to LA immediately! ;)

    Love from Munich, L


  10. Look amazing and delicious!
    Nice pics!
    xx cvety
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  11. I share your thoughts: The service is very important. Hello dear stay in touch.


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  12. You made me sooo hungry. Too bad I don't live in LA. I don't know if the food is really bad and the service is good I probably wouldn't want visit that place again. You're right a bad service is a no go too :D

    xx Mira

    1. That's right. Bad service not only ruins the dining experience, but also ruins the whole day :(

  13. Can't wait to try out some of these places when I am in L.A. this July. Thanks for the awesome post and information :)

    1. Ahh great! Let me know if you try other places! ;) Have fun!!

  14. Mmmm...this food looks so delicious. I will definitively had to visit all of those places when I visit LA. Thanks for sharing.

    Fabulous 30s

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  16. Wow I'm really impressed by your food photos! everything looks too delicious...I shall refer to this post when I go to LA in a few months!

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  17. that rose water and beet juice at cafe gratitude looks so good! LA has so many great eats