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For the past few months, I’ve got the same question from people around the world: where to go in Vancouver? Should I rent a car or take transit? So I decided to do a short to-go list for those who are visiting Vancouver this summer (or in the future). The transportation in Vancouver is slow so I’d suggest you to rent a car if your plan is to visit different places. However,, if you are going to downtown area, I suggest you to take transit, as people usually get shorter temper while driving in downtown :) 

1. Gastown - One of the most historic site in Vancouver. There are many bars, restaurants, galleries and shops in these heritage buildings. The famous Steam Clock is in this area. My favourite restaurant in this area is Cork and Fin (for those seafood lovers).

2. Yaletown - Lots of mid to high-end restaurants/pubs can be found here, as well as spas and small stores covering everything from designer clothing to vintage furnitures.

3. Olympic Village - One of my favourite place on weekends. Another great place for cycling and jogging in the morning. The Food Cart Fest is near this area, on every Sunday during summer time.

4. Main Street (Broadway to King Edward) - This hipster area is good for brunch (or late night meal). Many of my favourite restaurants are here: Bonchaz, Lucky’s Donuts, Sweet Revenge, Slickity Jim's, Bob Likes Thai Food and Miura Waffle Milk Bar.

5. Stanley Park - This is the great place for cycling along the Seawall during summer time. Bike rentals are near west Georgia Street entrance (some shops offer discount for students). Beside biking, you can do so many things: park tour by horse-draw carriage or shuttle bus, aquarium tour, miniature train ride, and water park. There are a few restaurants in the park; my favourite one is Teahouse. Click here to see more details on what to do in Stanley Park.

6. Canada Place - Another good place to chill and enjoy the sunshine. It’s usually quiet most of the time but this place gets crowded during the events or holidays. Don’t forget to take a picture of the Olympic Cauldron.

7. Granville Island - Parking here could be a headache during weekends (and driving as well). The best time to come here is around 10 a.m. to avoid the crowds (or taking transit would be a better idea). The Public Market consists of fish, fresh fruits, bakery treats and handmade accessories. Remember to enjoy the street performance and the galleries on the side!

8. White Rock - Probably the most beautiful place by the sea. Come here for the beautiful sunset while on a romantic dinner.

9. Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf - A short drive from downtown Vancouver. Fresh seafood is sold here. Sometimes there is a festival going on with the local shops.

10. Whistler - A mini getaway from the city. About 2 hours of driving away from Vancouver (or you can take seaplane *wink wink*). Things to do: gondola, bungee, hiking, boating and many more.

PS. I think I will probably update this post later (or in the future), just in case I miss something :)

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  1. cool!

  2. Thanks for this! I'm planning on visiting my mom in Vancouver next summer and I'm definitely gonna bookmark this post :)

  3. thank you for the guide.

  4. Thanks for the guide! I would love to go to Vancouver to escape the summer here in AZ!


  5. I'm definitely storing this post till my trip to Canada. This picture of the city is magnificent! I'd love to read about your typical day in Vancouver ;)

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  6. great post. thanks for sharing your tips

  7. I've never been to Vancouver. I've only been to Toronto but I definitely want to go to Vancouver. I heard its absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the reco.

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  8. This is a really great post of places to visit in Vancouver! If I will ever have the opportunity to travel there I will definitely try to remember some of the places you listed! :)

  9. I've never been to Vancouver, but it's definitely in my visit list. These are some great ideas, I didn't realize Whistler is so close to Vancouver.

    ♥ Gita @

  10. Wow! great guide on Vancouver! The tips are great :)

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  11. Love these ideas Claire. I will have to reference this the next time I visit Vancouver!

    xo, Alina

  12. being from Seattle, I love popping up to Vancouver every now and then. Gastown is fun to hang and shop in! but my favorite is eating the amazing Chinese food around Richmond. Seattle's Chinese food game is so sad, so I love taking advantage of going to "Hongcouver"!

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    1. Oops I accidentally hit delete but i just said I love Stanley Park!!



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