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The last time I wrote about Mary Young was about two months ago in an outfit post. I must say, this Canadian beauty is not just a fashion designer specializing in lingerie and loungewear design, but also a brilliant entrepreneur who definitely understands how to run a business, especially in fashion industry. And of course, it was my pleasure to catch up with Mary on her incredible works and future plans:

Hello Mary, what are you up to at the moment?
I’m currently working in two different seasons, getting ready for Fall/Winter 2015 to become available to shop and finishing up Spring/Summer 16 designs and samples.

How did you first start out as a designer?
I always knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry; from a very young age I was always sewing, knitting and making jewelry. I spent a lot of my spare time growing up sewing and making clothes for my friends and myself. In high school I started to pursue it even more, designing and sewing semi-formal and prom dresses. This lead me to pursue fashion as my post-secondary education and I’ve never looked back!

I really love the simple, clean line loungewear and lingerie from your line - where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration really comes from people watching, I am always taking note of how people interact with the clothes they wear and whether they appear comfortable and confident. Noting how garments move with the body is huge when it comes to loungewear, the easier the fit the better. The simple and clean lines really come into play when I think about longevity; I want my consumers to love the pieces they wear and get a lot of wear from them. Having a clean aesthetic translates well into any wardrobe, allowing the pieces to be worn for multiple seasons.

von vogue mary young

What kind of work goes into putting together one piece in a collection?
Each piece is very important, as they all come together to create a full collection. The lines and aesthetic of each piece has to relate to the others, whether the seams are on the same angle or the drape mimics another piece, they all have to be cohesive. From sketching to sample making it’s important to pay attention to details. I make sure the design works well with the whole feel of the collection and once a sample is made I spend time working on fit and function, ensuring the wearer will feel comfortable and confident in the piece.

(All the images are from Mary Young's Instagram)

What are some of the obstacles/challenges that come with running a successful fashion business/brand?
Some challenges I’ve faced are standing apart in such a saturated market. The fashion industry has a wide landscape so finding your niche and claiming you space in the industry can be challenging. I also focus on investing back in the Canadian economy so finding production and materials in Canada can be challenging, especially when it comes to such niche garments like lingerie.

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
I’m very excited for the rest of 2015, as I’ll be releasing the brands first full Fall/Winter collection. I’m personally a huge fan of Fall so providing garments that embrace that season is super exciting. I’ll be participating in a few pop ups this season and hope to continue to grow brand awareness and connect with my customers!

von vogue mary young

If you didn't become a designer, what would you have done?
If I wasn’t a designer I would be working for a small company, most likely in fashion or the creative industry. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I’d either be working for myself or another startup.

What is a woman's ultimate wardrobe essential?
I truly believe a perfect white, grey and black tee are essential to completing a wardrobe. A white tee is so simple but can translate to any situation and when it fits well, you’ll feel great wherever you go.

Who is your style icon at the moment?
My style icon at the moment is Jenna Lyons. I love her take on a more masculine aesthetic and clean aesthetic.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time you’ll find me out with friends getting a coffee, having brunch or snaking on donuts. I also spend a good amount of time working out and running, I need to stay physically active and challenged to bring that energy back to my company. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is key for everyone, there has to be play and fun in order to keep motivated at work. 
von vogue mary young

von vogue mary young


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