Khaki for Photographer

von vogue hm jacket

Ever since the H&M Conscious Collection has been introduced, I always find myself wandering around in between the clothing racks, in an inadvertent search of possible newfound favorites. With H&M's wide selection of styles and its budget-friendly marketing strategy, finding an irresistible piece does not result in any problem. And there it is, the khaki jacket.  Lightweight, loose-fit. Just the perfect way I always want it to be.

Wrapping around a good statement belt over a jacket never fails on keeping the classic casualness while staying in your best look. It doesn't get boring. I'll admit this look appears to me as a perfect photographer's look (without the heels, maybe)... or is it just me? The color khaki may evoke images of military-inspired fashion pieces, but it plays well as a Cloak of Invisibility  for a photographer, as one can hide in the shrub while taking secret photos - at least for a nature photographer. Nevertheless  I wore this khaki jacket to my very first photo shoot project the other day - I was on the other side of the camera, trying to act like a professional photographer with Walnutte. Can't say too much about it, but just watch this space.

Oh, the jacket is indeed not appropriate in the 30 degree heat wave.

Just saying.

Now excuse moi, I'm off to edit some photos while having the world's best homemade noodle and iced lemon tea. Bye.

Photography by Celeste, edited by Claire Liu
von vogue hm jacket

von vogue hm jacket



  1. Replies
    1. Me too! My everyday essential :)

  2. Love that stylish outfit with those strappy heels! :)

    Great look for the summer! :)

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  3. amazing jacket, love it

  4. Stunning! Love the coat x

  5. nice!

  6. Wow, that jacket is a must have! It will surely fit in perfectly in this fall's warderobe! I love how you gave the look more structure with the belt!
    And, I cannot wait to hear more news about your project!

  7. amazing look! :)


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