Little White Dress

von vogue theory white dress
Theory White Dress via The Outnet or Shopbop (similar Vesper or New Look)
Schutz Fringe Sandals (also in black) | Sophie Hulme Bag

After spending a long night to edit and retouch these editorial photos, I feel exhausted, both mentally and physically, but that doesn't whisk away my joy to feast my own eyes on the final result.

I have a tendency to give myself pressure, and Larry always complains about it (odd, because I should be the real complainer). Lately, I have been reevaluating the direction and content for this space - aka Von Vogue - I'm eager to see what I can create with this baby. Some of you might notice small appearance changes on the site, but just wait to see more changes coming to your way. That being said, Google has been a good HTML tutor to me and I feel there is a definite improvement in my HTML skill. Yeah, that's what she thinks.

During the process of staring at the monitor, no I mean, of course, retouching photos, I was watching Aaron Nace's Photoshop tutorials on Youtube to get more inspirations and new ideas. Then I found Tāne Coffin, whose photography work is beyond breathtaking and has successfully persuaded me to become a new admirer. When you find yourself a new inspiration and the timing is just right, no one can stop you from what you are working on. The reason of  me ending up with 4 hours of sleep is pretty much self-explaining.

So you might be wondering: all right, Claire, what you have just mentioned is not really related to this white dress?? It may not be, but looking at the photos will just constantly remind me how I want to create something that can reflect my passion for photography and fashion. Just watch this space. As for the white dress, the white color just reminds me of a fresh new start for everything.

Dress like a lady, think like a boss. I'm sure all of you have heard of it.

And this is what this Theory white dress is all about. The power of a basic white dress gives the complete contour of the body in silhouette, yet, does not take away the simple elegance of style. Walking in those Schutz fringe sandals is to ease out some seriousness. Balance, balance, balance!

PS. I'm thinking to do a Q&A post to cover questions that I frequently got from you guys and something else that you want to ask me (not just blogging or fashion, anything!). Don't be shy, drop me a question or two (or more if you want) in the comment section below or email me. FYI,  my email does not bite humans.

PPS. This is probably the longest post I've ever written, but hope you enjoy reading it!

Get the Look:

von vogue theory white dress

von vogue theory white dress

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  1. I'm always looking to grow as a blogger. I definitely need to check out Aaron's tutorials. So far photoshop has just freaked me out! lol! Anyways great outfit claire. You are gorgeous as always :) I don't have a specific question but I'd love to know more about how you photograph your photo and some photography tips!

    - Mariah-Ruthel

    1. Of course Mariah! I always have this feeling that my Photoshop skill remains the same throughout years, but I'd love to share some tips for sure!

  2. Those shoes are so beautiful!

  3. Oh i adore your blog,and i love how you're always trying to improve. Cant wait to see what else you come up for Von Vogue! Excited to read your QnA too!!

    x Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

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  5. I loved reading that article. I don't have any questions yet, but I might ask you about your HTML skills in the future! You ought to write more long articles! :)

  6. Those shoes are amazing! Look great on you. xx


  7. White looks gorgeous on you! x

  8. nice look!
    new look on my blog!

  9. great!nice!

  10. I really like it =)

  11. love the total white dress and absolutely love your style!!!


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  13. I really love this post, your dress is so elegant and timeless <3 you look gorgeous !!

  14. great outfit! looking great


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