The Perfect Lines

von vogue topshop striped shirt zac posen bag

When it comes to outfit photography, the one thing I usually pay more attention is the surrounding lighting. Back to two years ago when Larry and I started using 6D to take outfit photos and were amateur to photography, there were times we encountered difficulties due to poor lighting. Though photos can still be edited eligibly through the photography software programs, it consumes more time and efforts, comparing to the ones with better lighting. Everything is about efficiency and time is money, remember that kids. The day when my sister and I were doing photo shoot for this outfit, the weather constantly changed every 5 minutes. Sometimes the clouds blocked the sun to give a nice overcast lighting; but sometimes the sun came out, creating harsh contrast between light and shadow. It was a hectic time for a photographer, which was my sister on that day; because she had to constantly change the camera setting. Definitely not so much fun…..

The lighting can affect the colors of the clothing,  
especially for striped pieces. If the lines with different colors are too close to each other, the lighting might cause color distortion  if you take photos from different angles (a quick example: the black and white striped skirt might look like it’s purple while it looks like black in another photos). Nonetheless, this is not the case for this Topshop striped shirt. The colors stayed the same despite which angles to look at it, with the unpredictable weather that day. This is the idea piece for perfect outfit photography (please insert a hearted-eyes emoji here).

As I’m writing this post now, I’m very anxious about flying to New York next week for NYFW. Another time flying alone this year! If you want to find out what I will be doing there, tag along on Instagram  (maybe Snapchat @VonVogue if I figure how to use it).


von vogue topshop striped shirt zac posen bag


  1. Lighting is definitely key to some good outfit photos. Your photography on this blog is always on point though. And I absolutely love this striped shirt!

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Absolutely stunning! x

  3. nice blouse

  4. That's such a chic and elegant looks! Awesome blouse and really pretty bag! :)

  5. dang i wish i could pull of colourred stripes like you do gurll


  6. I absolutely love your outfit photographs, thank you so much for sharing this post, I find it very informative. I'm personally saving up for my first DSLR camera and can't wait to take better images for my blog.

  7. Pretty look and so cute pics!
    Have a nice day!


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