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Last weekend, the Greater Vancouver has experienced the largest power outage due to the dreadful windstorm on Saturday. 36 hours without electricity and internet (or more than 3 days for others), it definitely felt like camping at home. Life is not a complete mess without WiFi, but some (or many) people were actually bothered by the fact. It was not hard to spot a long line-up of people waiting to charge their phones or tablets at the mall or Starbucks – #FirstWorldsProblem, eh? The timing couldn’t be any more perfect; luckily, Urban Outfitters sent something cozy before the windstorm.


When the power was down on the second night, I wrapped myself and Mimi the Cat in a knitted throw blanket like a burrito and tried to stay close to the fireplace in the living room, as we put up fire    
with the leftover woods from last year. While there was not much to do in the darkness, I lit up some candles around the house and just stared at the candle flame – don’t try this at home, kids. The candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio smelled nicely with rose and musk scents, lulling us into sleep with peaceful mind while the rain was splattering hard on the window in the background.

Just right before my vision went dark, all of a sudden, 

von vogue urban outfitters fall cozy uohome

the fridge started making cracking noise and so were the rest of electric appliances. The power was back. Thanks hydro crew for all the hard work.

After all that, the heavy grey clouds and rainfall continue hitting Vancouver. The biting cold has convinced me to turn on heater and bring out essentials to stay warm. So here’s one corner of the cozy mess I made while packing for my NYFW trip (okay, I admit my attention always got caught by other stuffs).

And Fall is on its way.


von vogue urban outfitters fall cozy uohome

von vogue urban outfitters fall cozy uohome

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