Art of Layering

As soon as you find yourself layering in sweaters, scarves, coats and jackets at once, you know the gloomy weather is coming back - Winter is already here and greets you by blowing the chilly wind through your messy hair. Although I may not be a fan (or never) of cold season, I do enjoy layering myself in all kinds of garments like a human-burrito.

The art of layering is not about putting everything together, and somehow, hoping that you wouldn't start sweating like you just finish running from a marathon, after walking outside for just six minutes. By the end of the long day, you might feel like coming out from a sauna while the tip of your nose still stays ice cold. And the same route would be repeated over and over again until the temperature starts to rise in a couple of months. Looking for a solution? It simply requires some understanding of how layering can be accomplished.

Ready? Here we go.

First, for the basic layer, you want to find something thin or sleeveless, which in this case, this BDG sweater dress qualifies for both demands. Second, layer the middle section with a loose-fit cardigan or drape an oversized scarf around the neck (or both for ultimate layering). For the bottom part, go with skinny faux leather pants or wide-leg trousers. To achieve a master level, wear a wrap skirt over the pants. Lastly, stack a structured coat or jacket as the final covering of your artwork. There, you’ve just comprehended a few layering techniques to avoid getting yourself in a sweat.

Or you simply love basking in some sweat.

Photography // mon amour
Edit by moi


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