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The one thing I love about New York is the city is always filled with dreamers that are making things actually happen. The city might be referred as the “concrete jungle”, but the creative talents – at least the ones I met on this trip – are always energetic about their job and really supportive of each other’s works.

On my last day in New York, I met the lovely and talented Cienne’s founder, Nicole Heim, at the brand’s showroom in Soho, and got a chance to preview the current collection, as well as the Spring 2016 collection. The design philosophy at Cienne is to focus on unique fabrics, the use of clean lines and, of course, bringing high-standard quality.
When I say "unique fabrics", I mean that Nicole constantly travels around the world - Japan, India, and Ethiopia, for examples - to find the best mills and skilled artisans in seeking for handwoven fabrics. She collaborates with them to bring the local culture and high quality textiles into the design. Nicole also works with local manufacturers to produce small batches in New York, making each piece a true one-of-the-kind.

So why stripes? I asked Nicole at the end of my visit.

She looked at me with smiling eyes and explained that stripes are very commonly seen in Ethiopian culture so she wants to incorporate the different
forms of stripes into Cienne's collection.

After I thanked Nicole and her team for their time and left the building with a bottle of coconut water in my hand, I was glad that I made this trip to understand how much effort and passion that a designer is willing to put to build their dream, as this is something I wouldn't experience.

Until next time, New York dreamers.

Photography - Claire Liu

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