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My first visit to New York was seven years ago. Travelling with a couple of friends in a group tour for a week was probably the most exciting activity that you can do as a freshman. Among these blurry memory pieces, one thing I remember distinctly on this trip was sprinting through the streets in Time Square and taking lots of photos of the giant digital screens and billboards at 10 A.M., just because our tour guide said, “Let’s meet here again after 45 minutes. Don’t be late!”

That was a good exercise.

But most of my pictures were blurry. 
In the end of the trip, I felt like I was rushing through all the tourist attractions in New York, but, technically, did not get a proper chance to enjoy the local ambiance and live temporarily like a local.

Yet, who knew seven years later I would be coming back to New York for New York Fashion Week. This time I got to stroll around in Soho and Chelsea neighborhoods, while, of course, racing to the next show from another one.

The first day after arrival was  unpleasant, I got to admit. At 7:30 A.M., I left JFK airport with  an Uber driver, hoping to catch the BCBGMAXAZRIA show
 at 10 A.M. after dropping my luggage at my friend’s place – hence, the timing had become incredibly important and needed to be planned precisely during this rush hour. But the traffic on that day was terrible; accidents were everywhere (about 20 accidents shown on Google Map within 10 kilometers). It was almost five to 10 A.M. and I was still in Brooklyn.

Tick, Tick, Tick. I am so late!

At the very last minutes, I asked the Uber driver to drop me off at the nearest subway station and quickly ran to catch up a train while carrying with a giant luggage and weekender bag. One thing you should 

take a note when travelling solo in New York City; not all the stations have an elevator or escalator service. So just picture this: tiny Asian girl carrying all her luggage while climbing 30 stairs on her way out, definitely not the most ideal thing I was expecting. When everyone was busy passing by me, a kind gentleman generously offered a help and I couldn’t even express how extremely appreciative I was.

After dropping off my luggage, I rushed myself again to Moynihan Station, praying to be able to 

catch the last bits of the show. It was 10:30 A.M. when I got there. Thankfully, the kind security guard was able to let me in to see the last five minutes of the show.

The BCBGMAXAZRIA Spring/Summer fashion show was marvelous. Embracing its California root, the collection consists of tie-dyed knits,  meticulously detailed patchwork fabrics and textural embroideries in rich summer hues. The whole collection and the runway show setting just made me hold my breath in awe.

The rest of the first day went more smoothly. On the same day, I attended the Josie Natori Spring 2016 Presentation and Ohne Titel Spring/Summer 2016  
Fashion Show. At the  Josie Natori presentation, I met lovely Lily Qian, an amazingly talented illustrator, who was drawing one of the models on the scene. I could hardly hide my admiration so I went up and told Lily that I love her work.

 The one good thing when travelling alone is to meet new friends in different city.

The next following day, on my way to the  Zimmermann fashion show in Chelsea, a lady stopped me and asked for some outfit photos. I was pleasantly surprised and accpeted her request. For some reason, I think I gave her an unexpectedly  awkward pose. Maybe it was because I didn't expect to see there was another group of five girls holding 
iPhones behind the lady and taking photos of me as well. In the end, I thanked the lady but totally forgot  to ask her where she would put the photo online.

Back to the show.

Inspired by the Australian novel Seven Little Australians – a story about the adventures of the seven mischievous children – the designers, Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, presented their  Zimmermann Spring/Summer 2016 collection in the classic Victorian style mixed with underlying naughtiness. With the models in high collars, lace sleeves, flounced dresses and pleated skirts, the collection is particularly wearable during one of those fun weekend nights.

Later that day, I visited Moynihan Station again for Zang Toi fashion show. The show started the opening with giant white cartwheel hats, clean white suits, and short white dresses with billowy sleeves, then followed by gowns in bright sky blue and avocado green. The whole collection was purely stunning. Well done, Zang Toi.

Day 3 of NYFW started off with Hervé Léger by Max Azria fashion show. For Spring/Summer 2016,  the collection focuses on high-impact textured patterns like handwoven macramé knotting,  intricate appliqués work and studded woven pleather. It is definitely beyond breathtaking.
Before having a dinner at Chelsea Market, I had a chance to visit the Banana Republic Spring/Summer 2016 Presentation. This season, the collection was designed by Timo Weiland, Donna Kang, and Alan Eckstein in collaboration with Marissa Webb and Banana Republic for CFDA. Each look is ideal for work or day-to-night wear. The models interacted friendly with the audience for them to take photos. I think my face went flushing when they smiled at me   while I was trying to take photos of them (talking about the invisible human kindness, aka the smile).

The first three days of NYFW were full of challenges and surprises, but you learn, overcome 
difficulties and embrace new things as you go along.

And there is no mango flavored gelato in New York City.

Just saying.

New York is definitely filled of dreamers with enthusiastic. The rest of my NYFW adventure continues until next post…. Stay tuned.

First Row of Pictures:  BCBGMAXAZRIA, Josie Natori, Ohne Titel
Second Row of Pictures: Zimmermann, before the Zang Toi fashion show
Third Row of Pictures: Lily Qian's illustration of me,  Zang Toi, Banana Republic
Forth Row of Pictures: Banana Republic,  Hervé Léger by Max Azria, gelato break at Gelato Giusto

Most of them are from my Instagram

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