Walking in West Village

von vogue west village new york tibi asos von vogue west village new york tibi asos

Self-portrait was getting much better on the following day after my first attempt - in case you don't know what I was doing, review this post here.

It was done in 20 minutes, so I took the chance to explore the residential area in West Village. Every corner is impeccable for picturesque at very low chance for anyone to capture a bad photo (camera-dummy proof!).

So I spent my Sunday morning to revel in the endless rows of historic apartment buildings and its charming atmosphere, before I took off for the next fashion show at the other end of the city. Almost forgot to mention how delectable the meal was at Dominique Bistro
Every morning, I would walk down on Hudson Street and wander around for a few minutes before rushing myself to the subway station or getting myself puzzled again with Google Map.

The only thing I wish for this trip was to have more time to explore. Somehow, it never appeared to me until I found a message inside a fortune cookie; "Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it".

True, but the busy city life makes us forget to take a second to enjoy the little things surrounding us.

Let's pause and enjoy for a bit.


Self-Portrait with Tripod

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