von vogue self portrait hannah

von vogue self portrait hannah

There were times that I went completely insane with jewelry: stacking multiple bracelets on my arm and rings on my fingers. While I thought it was cool, the reality actually looked like this: clothing, especially the cable sweaters, kept getting caught in bracelets and rings, and everything ended up to be tangled together, while I tried to resolve the last thread puzzle. It was a total knit-mass. In the end, the scissors came to rescue but didn’t save my beloved sweaters.

So long, my love. At that moment, I decided to quit the jewelry stacking habit.

Years later, when Hannah Huang, a jewelry designer based in Taiwan, sent me the latest collection from her line through Facebook about a month ago, I couldn’t resist myself to take my attention off from those little shining things.  It has been two years since Hannah told me about her jewelry line. Things can change within two years, and Hannah's jewelry line has been growing since, still is right now. It is always good to see designers improve themselves in varies ways: product design and quality, the top essentials that speak truth about the brand and designers. With more than ten  thousands fans on Facebook, Hannah obviously has a successful business in jewelry design.

Back to my jewelry game, I decided to go different direction this time. Using a tripod to shoot self-portraits while Mimi the Cat watched me running back and forth in the house.

Hannah, you definitely deserve the best from your hard work.


All jewelries are from Hannah Huang Jewelry.

Self-Portrait with a tripod, Canon 6D and 85mm lens*

*Self-portrait is not so hard when you become friends with a tripod. I'm seriously thinking to switch to Nikon D750 or D600 as they have self-timer with continues shots... oh, God, the credit card is screaming at me.
von vogue self portrait hannah

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