von vogue trench coat fall winter

Back to the early time when I started having my own blog, I always pick a quiet location at earliest possible time of the day when doing a photo shoot with Larry, simply to avoid getting strange or curious stares from pedestrians. Sometimes they would come up and ask random questions, but I ended up lying a little about myself, "It's an art project for school". No offense, but I feel it would be easier to explain rather than throwing the whole blogging world at them and causing more confusion. As time goes, I've trained myself to become less self-conscious when doing a shoot, especially during winter as we have shorter daytime (meaning late sunrise and early sunset) and less sunny days (always on the run to catch good lighting).

Including these photos in this post; taken in an early afternoon on a weekend before downtown traffic became impenetrable as everyone wanted to soak up some vitamin D.

Nothing like this would happen in New York, at least from my personal experience. No one gave any kind of stares when they saw a female Asian doing self-portrait with a tripod in the middle of the streets in West Village and Soho. For the first time ever, I felt so relieved to be able to do my favourite activity without getting inquisitive looks.

But if you (yes, you, right there) happen to see me in the middle of the street taking photos, feel free to say hi to me. I mean, I don't bite human at all. 

von vogue trench coat fall winter

von vogue trench coat fall winter

Photography Shot by Mr. L
Edited by Claire Liu

ZARA Sweater (similar cupcake and cashmere)
Vero Moda Jacket (similar New Look)
Korean brand trench coat  (similar Oasis)
H&M Leggings (similar ASOS  or Velvet by Graham & Spencer)
Sam Edelman Booties
Sophie Hulme Bag

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