When you place all the neutral colors in one outfit, a monochrome attire is simply created, which I like to call this as "neumono". Not a fancy word, and no, it doesn't exist in any of dictionaries.

Sometimes it's better to be a creator when no opportunities are given.

And my love for turtlenecks has been undoubtedly faithful; a few new additional layers have been added to my wardrobe game. I feel that a turtleneck can make anybody look sophisticated in the most subtle way. I admit that I didn't enjoy wearing one when I was little, feeling my throat being held by an invisible object. But as I grow older, I prefer and appreciate some protection around my neck during Winter. Things never stay the same.

Speaking of cold, my friend in New York just informed and warned me about the bone-chilling weather that it's too cold to a point where you just feel numb and cold.... Something that I need to keep in mind when I'm flying over there next month for New York fashion week.

Another season, another excitement, and another year full of traveling and adventures.  


ZARA White Turtleneck Top
Beige Sweater
ASOS Waist Belt
ASOS Wide Pants
Sam Edelman Boots

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