Twenty Seven

All right, confession to make: it's been a good long while about my silence online, including to update a post here and my personal activities on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook (still not a Twitter fan). So what has Claire been up to? A simple question, despite the fact it's not my most favourite one, but fair enough. I got caught up in more workload and some personal planning for 2016, at the same time, allowing myself to indulge in a long recess due to Christmas and New Year holidays arriving on the way. Okay, not to mention Fallout 4 is admittedly the best game addiction. Ever.

In spite of all the reasons, one thing that kept me concerned is my 27th birthday, which is today. Before I started my digital footprint about two and half years ago, I thought I knew what I wanted; get into a good university, find a well-paid job..... and then I felt I got stuck with my "life goals". Until I discovered the blogging world, this blog, Von Vogue, has been my outlet to experience different things that I never imaged myself to. 2015 has been incredibly awesome; visiting my family in Taiwan, travelling to Vietnam and Tokyo to embrace different cultures, having a pinch-me moment when Teen Vogue featured me on on one of their printed issues, participating NYFW to meet new friends and like-minded talents, and trying the new role as a photographer. Yet, not everything involved with blogging is impeccable; the unpleasant business partners and bloggers with deceivable images... they might have disgusted me but living in the world where social medias have become one of the powerful tools in communication and for business purpose, you can't blame on anyone or anything - and you will always encounter those people in any fields. No biggies.

Then, I was stuck again. What have I done in my life for the past 27 years? Have I achieved enough? What if I took this path instead of the other way? A quarter-life crisis is what people refer. Welcome to real world, grasshoppers.

Although not a new year resolution planner or believer myself (everyday is a new day to start your goals, never rely on the New Year), I feel I need a list of well-defined milestones/goals to get me more motivated, as a gift for my 27th birthday (don't really celebrate birthday but don't mind a gift from myself). 

Holiday is over, kids. 

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