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von vogue mavi overall coach saddle bag

It's just not every time I can admittedly accept a denim overall. To clarify, nothing is awfully wrong about an overall, any one of them. I agree that an overall perfectly represents the impression of sweet and adorable characteristics. In other words, it is overly cute. Indeed. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable to make myself look cute in any other ways. Just No. Way.

Let's face it, an overall should belong to kids only.

Really? Is it? Or not.

As soon as I put on this overall from Mavi, I don't feel like a kid in her ordinary overall. Maybe it's the color that makes some difference. Here are a few thoughts that you don't need to dress up like a kid in an overall:

1. Do booties, not sneakers. Heeled ones are better, but flat ones work as well. Sneakers are good, but a bit too casual; unless being adorable is your thing. Not a problem.

2. Pick a perfect top. For me, a turtleneck sweater from Equipment is perfect. Off-shoulder tops or the ones with crazily beautiful bell sleeves. Cropped top?! It might work for others.
von vogue mavi overall coach saddle bag

von vogue mavi overall coach saddle bag

von vogue mavi overall coach saddle bag

3. Use accessories to elevate. Sunglasses, scarf, necklace, belts, and statement jewelries... try all of them. Mix and match. See which ones work best for you. Don't forget a handbag too.

Take some time to see what works out for you.

Good luck!


Equipment Turtleneck Sweater (similar Free People)
Mavi Sweater (similar Paige Denim)
Coach Saddle Bag
Coach Printed Scarf
Sam Edelman Boots

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