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faux fur coat zara wide pants

If you walk down the streets of Vancouver downtown in a faux fur coat, be prepared to obtain a few weird glances from people who pass by you and possibly think that you are some kind of bizarre creature escaping from a zoo. Sometimes, depends on your luck, you might even receive hostile comments from unfriendly strangers (regardless if you mention it’s only faux fur, they just don’t listen). It appears that it is abnormal for anyone wearing a faux fur coat, here in Vancouver. It could be too forward and bold that not everyone is able to accept willingly; or it is simply because of the debate on real and faux fur. People often judge others too quickly and place them into some kinds of stereotypes immediately without investigating too much facts and detail.

This kind of topic is generally too sensitive and frequently leads to stressful discussion that people might misinterpret each other from time to time.

Yet, things are totally different in New York City. I had counted at least six people wearing faux fur coats (I’d like to assume they are all faux here) while I was waiting at the subway station. No one gave a look of repulsion….. No, no, no, it is absolutely fine to wear a statement outerwear on the streets. You might even receive a few compliments from other fashionistas.

Now back to the show.

The weather was unpredictable on that Saturday, before the Lacoste Fall/Winter 2016 fashion show; some combination of snow, wind 
von vogue faux fur coat zara wide pants
and rain. My outfit for that show simply consisted of: olive green faux fur coat from Banana Republic, crispy white turtleneck sweater from Equipment, floor-length flared wide pants from Zara, structured black handbag from ZAC Zac Posen and black booties from Cynthia Vincent (not shown in the picture). Interestingly, I found a couple photos captured by other street style photographers on Nylon and Refinery 29. A huge thanks to Jack Maffucci for capturing me in the wind!

The Lacoste show was awesome. I will be sharing the photos with you guys later!

Again, faux fur is the only way to go. #FauxFurOnly

Self-Portrait with a tripod, Canon 6D and 85mm lens. (thanks  Meagan of Living Boldly and Jeylafor for watching over my tripod!)


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