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von vogue armani prima skincare

von vogue armani prima skincare

Years ago when I started learning to use makeup products, I had a complete makeup routine: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, highlight/bronzer….. Let’s be honest, I was a total makeup devotee. Indeed. But as time goes by, I value skincare products more as I realize the importance to take care of skin rather than putting so much makeup on face to look great. Two facts you should know about the current me: first, I don’t put heavy makeup on because I can spend less time on removing makeup; second, retouching makeup for me is inconvenient as I don’t carry a makeup bag with me all the time (I’m the kind of person who carries phone, credit card, driver’s license and house/car key only) and have tendency to be running around the town quite often.

Here’s an example to show you how hectic my schedule of a day can be; have meetings in the morning, visit a site in the afternoon, return to office to finish tasks, head to a night event after work, and go home to prepare photos and blog posts - basically, I barely have any breaks in between to retouch my makeup throughout a ridiculously busy day like this. So by the end of the day, I’d look obviously exhausted and completely dehydrated due to sweat and oil on the face, regardless of how “perfect” I think my makeup is in the morning.

The problem needs to be fixed. Seriously.

Actually, Armani has thought of that and took care of it already.

When Armani created ARMANI PRIMA as their new skincare line, I was pretty excited to try them. In order to have the perfect makeup all day long, you need a perfect skin first – meaning the skin is hydrated and balanced. And that’s what ARMANI PRIMA does. Their main goal is to keep the skin moisturized and strengthen the skin barrier, so the makeup can stay put with a dewy glow all day long. The ARMANI PRIMA gives me confident as I don’t need to worry about my makeup or do any touch-up for the whole day. Totally a life saver for anyone with lack of sleep or busy schedule. Simply following the steps below:

  1. Apply the Glow-On Moisturizing Balm over the entire fresh clean face. The balm maximums hydration on the skin and enhances the skin glowing.

  2. Apply the Day-Long Skin Perfector on T-zone areas, such as forehead, around nose, chin, and eyelids. This perfector can absorb sebum and repel sweat, which leaves the skin mattified and smoothed.
von vogue armani prima glow on moisturizing balm

von vogue armani prima skincare von vogue armani prima skincare

  1. Apply the Eye & Lip Contour Perfector under the eye area and directly on and around the lips. The perfector is used to reduce dark circles and fine lines.

After the above steps, I apply foundation (been using ARMANI’s Maestro Glow Foundation, going to share this with you guys soon), eyebrow pencil, and mascara to create my daily makeup look and get ready to start my day.

I have been using the PRIMA skincare products for a week now and, am amazed by the fact that my makeup still looks great in the afternoon without any touch-up. Have you tried the PRIMA products yet? Would love to hear your thought in the comment section below!
von vogue armani prima skincare

von vogue armani prima skincare

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