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In my blurry, scattered childhood memory, I don’t quite recall any adult sitting in a bed and telling me a bedtime story, like those in the Disney movies that always present the perfect bedtime story scenario.

Wait, maybe there was someone.

Back to the phase when Windows 95 just came out (you guess it right, the pre-social media era), one of the most interesting objects in the household was a radio. Similar to what the current social media does, the radio was my way to feel connected to somewhere in the world through this little piece of technology.

Every night, as soon as the longest leg of a wall clock reached to 8:58PM, I ran into my room in my pajamas and turned the knob of a 
radio carefully to tune in to a  particular station, waiting patiently for the familiar voice that I always listened to at this time. With her soothing and calm voice, the radio host told a different story about the famous musicians and artists in the past (Beethoven, Vincent van Gogh… you know the names) each time, while the classic music was playing in the background. There were a few times other hosts had to temporarily replace for the original host, which I often found it disturbing as none of them could do a better job of telling a great story like the original girl did. That serene moment between the host and I was precious and special, even though it only lasted for thirty minutes each night.

I mean, just like a fairy godmother.

Unfortunately, the program got  changed for 
an unknown reason after a good few years. I don’t remember too much about it anymore, but only the sound of her telling a story with classic music playing in the background still hovers in my mind indistinctly. Piece by piece.

Selfie Shot with Canon 6D  and 85mm lens

Location: Hotel Hugo in New York

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