von vogue claire liu zara flares stuart weitzman heels

I have a habit to clean my closet constantly. Not really a habit, but mostly due to my limited space in my closet, I have to donate my old garments to my friends or local charities, in order to have more room for new clothing, gifted from brands or purchased on my own (the dream of a walking closet room is still far away from me). Another reason is that my style changes over time as I grow older. No more miniskirts for me (unless I wear something like a pair of pants underneath). But there are only a few classic pieces I’d like to retain in my wardrobe and wear them occasionally.

I’m not the kind of person who buys anything just because I think it’s so affordable and throw them into a garbage can later on – no and no. Last year, I met a guy who likes to buy anything on eBay or Amazon, just because he thinks they are cheap. And I don’t mean he just buys one item – he buys in bulk. He can purchase 80 paper bags just because each bag costs 38 cents and keep them somewhere in the house. Did he actually need 80 paper bags badly? Not necessary (that’s what he told me). I just assume he lives in a mansion.

Sometimes it’s good to wear the old garments again after a while. Re-style them in different ways. It may help you reminisce about the old memories that you don’t even remember.

The good old times.
von vogue claire liu zara flares stuart weitzman heels

von vogue claire liu zara flares stuart weitzman heels

H&M Jacket (old)
Stuart Weitzman Heels

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