von vogue mlm label off shoulder top flare sleeves

von vogue mlm label off shoulder top flare sleeves
There are only a few places in Vancouver that I prefer to take photos. Once you have an idea for your outfit and gather necessary camera equipment, a perfect photography location needs to be chosen carefully. For beginners, backyard or in front of garage door can do the work. For (semi-)professional, overall aesthetic that can match the outfit/story you're trying to create has to be considered deliberately. Location scouting is definitely a sophisticated task, if you want to create a collection of photos that can represent you and your story properly.

Last weekend, we shot this outfit in one of my all time favourite locations - the top of a parkade. Several reasons to love this: no pedestrians walking around, no vehicles coming on your way and good lighting. However, while we were doing the shoot, a guy in his uniform came to us and warned us that we aren't allowed to take photos there. Sad news. Although I'd like to ask more details, I think it's best to leave it alone and respect the parking company's right and the property.

Not a big deal. I've found some cool places to shoot for my next upcoming posts, based on Google street view.

Life is full of ups and downs, right?! :)

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von vogue mlm label off shoulder top flare sleeves

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