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von vogue zara pants sam edelman mules

von vogue zara pants sam edelman mules house of sunny
It’s not a top secret that I am always on the hunt to find unique pieces around the world (that’s why I shop online for most of the time… not even mention that I often buy Zara pieces online instead of visiting an actual store). And what I mean by “unique” is something that I’ve never seen before, whether it’s about the style, design concept, material or anything that can excite the potential customers. A simple example: the top I’m wearing in the photos. Love the dangling fabric on the side shoulder, which creates an interesting effect on the movement.

But there is a better example that I’m really impressed. Or to be exact, that I really admire.

Among the mass of overexposed butts and boobs at Met Gala last week, Emma Watson has showed us the exact definition of sustainable clothing – she walked down on the red carpet in a simple yet elegant gown, created from three fabric woven made of recycled water bottles. And the dress is not just a dress – it can be worn in different ways with different pieces. I’d suggest you to watch this video to see more details about this dress.

Fashion can do good things.

House of Sunny Top
Zara Flares
Sam Edelman  Sandals
Sophie Hulme  Bag

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von vogue zara pants sam edelman mules house of sunny

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