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von vogue lacoste fall 2016 fashion show

Rewind to months ago when I was in New York, I was having a crazily hard time to deal with the weather as I was walking to Spring Studio from my hotel in my giant faux fur coat and on-the-ground flares. I remember it was a mess outside the show - photographers were busy capturing the fashionistas' outfits while other people were trying to get into the entrance. Yes it was crazy and freezing at the same time. God know how happy I was when I saw familiar faces like Meagan from Living Boldly. We grabbed each others' arms and ensured everyone was still alive while other kept pushing our shoulders or stepping on my flares which resulted in me turning around with my awkward face and kindly informing them to let me go as they were holding me.

It's all flares' fault. But I still love them.

As we entered the room, I was  amazed by the giant clear window in front me. Everyone was busy in the room too - reports tried to interview some of the fashionistas and editors and other photographers looked for good positions and started to get ready. After a good 20 minutes of waiting, the show started.

Oh I haven't mentioned, it was at the Lacoste FW16 runway show.

Lacoste always reminds me of my dad, because that's one of his favorite clothing brands. I always remember his olive green sweater from Lacoste a few years back. He always wears it during the winter time and still has it now.

The Lacoste Fall/Winter 2016-2017 runway show consists of retro-futuristic elements: velvet jersey leggings, floor-length tracksuit skirts, knee-high leather boots and long knitwear. The whole collection definitely aims for functional, comfortable and modular garments - the care-free elegance. 

And I know it's an overdue fashion week post but it's better than never right?

And Happy Father's Day to my dad.

von vogue lacoste fall 2016 fashion show

von vogue lacoste fall 2016 fashion show

von vogue lacoste fall 2016 fashion show

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