Sleeveless Trench

von vogue hm sleeveless trench coat

von vogue hm sleeveless trench coat
One thing I probably dislike about summer is "what to wear when it's so hot outside". Okay, don't get me wrong, I do love summer - I definitely enjoy the warm sunlight peeking through the branches or window blinds and that breezy ocean wind sweeping through hair. But I found myself to dress better into winter wardrobe - long wool coat, cozy cable knitted sweater, heeled booties and all the layering garments. Short shorts and mini-skirts are absolutely not me. I guess that Vancouver gloomy weather did this to me.

Despite all the saying above, I'm glad that I found this sleeveless trench coat last weekend at a H&M shop last weekend (another wardrobe essential, checked). The length is perfect - I can pretend I'm wearing a coat during summer time. It's so easy to style with any pieces - you can dress it with a striped top and denim shorts (the typical summer look) or go for a simple style with a high-neck crop top and flares (kind of like what I wear in the photos). It's very simple to create an effortless look.

H&M Sleeveless Trench Coat
H&M Top
Raoul Pants
Axel Arigato Sneakers

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von vogue hm sleeveless trench coat

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