von vogue hm white blazer black culottes

von vogue hm white blazer black culottes
Although I never (almost never) allow myself to dress for others, whether it's people or occasions, so that I can wear what I want in terms of being truly myself, sometimes it's necessary to dress in certain situations.

Once in awhile, VPs from East Coast would have a meeting/gathering in the office here and that's when my manager sends an email to remind everyone to "dress up" a bit, which means no more of cozy sweatpants, sweatshirts or anything that look like pajamas (regardless if it's in the trend!). You know the definitely of "business casual" - nothing too fancy or seriously but still look professional and polished after all. My go-to pieces for such a look would be a pair of dark culottes and perfect heels/flats. They are easy to style with any tops - shirts, blazers and blouses - and never go wrong in any ways.


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