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As I walked out the Nordstrom entrance with a new Celine Trapeze in my hand on a sunny Sunday in May, my heart was pounding and the corner of my eyes crinkled as I couldn’t stop smiling. The joy of having the ability to purchase a classic handbag from a luxury fashion label with your own earning from working hard and sacrificing play time was truly evident. Undoubtedly, this new precious trophy naturally reflects my recent success and achievement, in both personal goals and works (with the involvement in playing multiply roles as engineer, blogger and photographer). To me, that’s the legitimate purpose to acquire a high fashion item as a reward for myself (as a normal person with a 9-5 job and some side business going on).

And a great investment too.

With the recent (or long-time) rage bursting about how the wealthy Chinese newcomers are driving up real estate prices in Vancouver,
it’s avoidable that many people see you as one of the new ”Chinese investors” when you walk down the street with you new Celine Trapeze. You can simply feel the uncomfortable respect from the sales the moment when you walk into a high-end store. They look at you as you are going to help them reach this month’s sale goal.

No, no, please ignore me. I just want to browse around, aka window shopping.

When you start revealing yourself as a local with a normal job instead of one of those surreal wealthy Chinese, they start smiling awkwardly and lose the interest in you in the most obvious way.

The reality always hurts, but I get used to it.

Oh, just pretend you were me. The Asian girl with a new Celine bag.
And not just that, people around you would start talking about your new expensive bag. Bad, good or neutral. Despite the positive messages that women should empower and support each other, some become jealous for no reasons. Ah women, the most envious creatures in the world.

“Because you have the money.”

Which I have earned it. I just have to correct the statement.

That basically sums up my personal experience in the past months. Not complaining here, but simply share my observations here. And I have learned something:

Simply don’t judge anyone with a new bag.

Photography - Claire Liu

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