von vogue tibi crop top zara pants rupert sanderson flats

von vogue tibi crop top zara pants karen walker sunglasses
Recall the post that I was mentioning how I prefer winter outfits over summer outfits - I probably didn’t remark how I find alternatives to incorporate my summer wear. And here they are: wide or flared pants and crop tops. The only reason why I love wide/flared pants so much is simply because of their natural characteristics to provide the freedom to move around without feeling restricted and the ability to let the air breeze in and out freely so your skin is able to breathe under the 25 degrees Celsius weather.

About the crop top – need I to say more? But since I’m not a - always never – fan of showing off belly bottom (I become sensitive when it comes to present it to the public…. Unless I’m in a swimsuit!), I’ve found this high-waist wide pants to be my favorite garment when it comes to style with crop tops. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many wide pants are high-waist. Even there is, I find them to be a bit over my budget (sadly not a millionaire yet!). So designers out there please create more and more high-waist wide pants – I’m sure some girls have same kind of issues like I do!

So yes, they are my summer wardrobe essentials. If you find your outfits to be a bit too plain, I suggest you to invest a pair of statement shoes - flats or heels, whatever you prefer! I have had those Rupert Sanderson flats for over a year, and people would start noticing them right away and always give compliments. Admittedly, they weren't 

that affordable (regardless I got them on sale) but I think it's a great investment if you can get a pair of $1,000 shoes instead of ten pairs of $100 shoes. Just do whatever that works for you the best!

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Rupert Sanderson Flats

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von vogue tibi crop top zara pants rupert sanderson flats

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