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von vogue zara shirt kurt geiger heels

von vogue zara shirt kurt geiger heels
Question: are you a shoe or bag girl/boy? I always thought I was a bag person until one day I realized the importance of a pair of shoes (and when your shoe closet has become too full that you need to place your shoes under the bed... it basically indicates that you are more into shoes rather than bags). Not to mention I always look at shoes first when someone is walking toward me - it's an interesting observation that you can tell so much about his or her mood, personalities and tastes. I remember back in the engineering student life, one of my professors wore sandals all the time (with socks during the winter time), regardless what he wore. He always looked so chill and was easy to approach and willing to share his knowledges. Much respects.

With those Kurt Geiger heels, this casual cotton shirt with ripped jeans look has a slightly instant elegance. Let's be honest, I wouldn't look like ten feet tall if it weren't for those heels.

Always keep a pair of heels that make you feel much more confident :)


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