4 Favourite Face Oils

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It is not a secret that I have an obsession with skincare products. I firmly believe that taking a great care of your skin is essential in order to look flawless all the time, without too much of makeup. Bare is good and fresh. Showing your bare face is the notion of freedom - free from anything with a limited amount of coverage and enhancement. And to achieve the new goal, I personally found that face oil helps you get a better skin complexion. I've been using different face oils for the past few years, and now I'm sharing a few of my all-time favorites and recently found loves and also my personal opinion on face oil:

        Seaberry Oil

Many years ago, I got a small sample of Fresh seaberry face oil and I was immediately hooked after the first use. It was my first time using face oil. I was a skeptical to put oil on my combination, sensitive skin but I gave it a try. The next morning my face felt very soft and fresh and looked super radiant and hydrated. Ever since, this has become one of the beauty products I cannot live without! If I get a cold, I would put a small around my nose to avoid it getting raw.

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von vogue claire liu fresh seaberry face oil
von vogue claire liu clarins blue orchid face treatment oil

        Blue Orchid Oil

This one is my recent purchase. I've been using it for a couple weeks and the result is amazing. Like the seaberry face oil, this blue orchid face oil helps your skin feel soft and hydrated. Another benefit to use face oil is for anti-aging. Keeping your skin hydrated is the first, and the most important, step to prevent aging. When your face is dehydrated, a number of skin problems can be resulted: an increase in sensitivity, itchy skin, dull complexion, fine lines and wrinkles.

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von vogue claire liu josie maran pure argan oil

Josie Maran
        Pure Argan Oil

Beside using this pure argan oil on my face, I also apply it on my hair and skin body for nourishment (and great for nails too). For those with oily/combination skin type and who have some concerns if face oil will cause break out, my suggestion is to put a small amount of the face oil on your cheekbone area and to see how your skin reacts to it. Or there's a light version of pure argan oil, you can give it a try.

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von vogue claire liu sunday riley juno hydroactive cellular face oil

Sunday Riley
        Juno Oil

What sets this face oil different from other face oils is its ingredients. It extracts from several different seed oils: blueberry, cranberry, raspberry and broccoli. Despite that, this product works amazingly good as well. Sometimes, I like to mix face oil with moisturizer to lock in moisture. I only use face oil 1 or 2 times in a week, depending on several facts. Before I put face oil as an overnight treatment, I only apply toner after washing my face. I don't put anything else just because I know my face cannot absorb too much of great nutrients at one time, and sometimes my face might break out from that.

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