von vogue ecco soft 8 sneakers

No doubt, a pair of white high top sneakers should be considered essential to everyone’s shoe collection. Sneakers go well with any piece of clothing – you can style them with skinny or boyfriends jeans along with a bomber jacket to create a casual look, or simply pair them with a cute printed or solid coloured dress to achieve an effortlessly ladylike look.

Currently, my favourite white sneakers are from ECCO’s latest SOFT 8 collection. They’re amazingly comfortable and have a super lightweight PU sole with minimalist design. Because of that, these beautiful sneakers have been my everyday go-to shoes. Take a look at my daily routine to see how you can incorporate the ECCO SOFT 8 high top as a daily essential:

von vogue ecco soft 8 sneakers

9:00 A.M. at a café
Imagine yourself sitting on a chair in a café, working on projects for hours and hours - You’d definitely need a pair of comfortable shoes to get through the rest of your day. You might think, “I’m not walking, why would a pair of shoes matter?” Well, if your shoes are too tight they’re going to hurt your feet and if they’re too loose, they will slide off easily from a stool. You might not be able to sit for a long time. You don’t want a pair of shoes to distract you from work, right?!

von vogue ecco soft 8 sneakers
2:00 P.M. at random locations for errands
After working for hours in the early morning, I run errands by either driving or walking around the town in the afternoon. The ECCO SOFT 8 high top allows me to complete all my tasks on time without having to rest because of my sore feet. And of course, you wouldn’t want to drive a car in your fancy heels.
von vogue ecco soft 8 sneakers

5:30 P.M. at a grocery store
Before going home, I always stop by a local supermarket to get everything I need to cook for the next few days. Despite a long day of working and walking around, I am able to keep up the pace and finish my last daily assignment.

By the end of the day, my feet feel pretty comfortable. I like how the ECCO SOFT 8 high top is both practical and edgy for my personal style. If you are looking for something with a combination of functionality and style, the new ECCO SOFT 8 high top will be your new favourite.

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