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von vogue favourite sun care products sun protection
Now that the weather starts getting warmer and we are getting more sun exposure, it is always better to prepare yourself for sun protection in any possible ways than not doing anything to protect your skin. Whether you are using sunscreens or foundation/moisturizer with SPF, make sure you remove them properly at the end of the day (read through to find out why sunscreen needs to be removed)! I'm sharing 4 of my favourite sun care products that you might love for this summer:

Shiseido Oil Free
        UV Protector

During my teen years, I had a trouble with many sunscreen products because they often caused terrible break-out to my face. I didn't really use any sunscreen products on my face until I found the Shiseido sunscreen in blue bottle many years ago. It works perfectly fine and does not irritate my skin. Last year I found a smaller size sunscreen from Shiseido (shown in the right photo) - this one works perfectly fine as well and it's so easy to carry around! You can have it with you in carry-on (always have one in carry-on in case your checked-in luggage may not be retrieved on time).

Get the oil free UV protector here.
von vogue favourite sun care products sun protection shiseido sunscreen uv protector
von vogue favourite sun care products sun protection armani power fabric spf 25

Armani Power Fabric

You may realize this foundation because I introduced Armani's Power Fabric foundation a few month ago in this post. This one is my favourite foundation - not because it provides high coverage without feeling the heavy layer on my skin, it also has SPF 25 for sun protection, just in case you forget to apply sunscreen before putting on makeup.

Get the power fabric foundation here.

von vogue favourite sun care products sun protection racinne sun protection lotion spf 25

Racinne Protective

I keep this mini sunscreen in my everyday bag (compared to the Shiseido sunscreen, this one is definitely smaller). I try to reapply sunscreen for every 3-4 hours if I'm out for the whole day. And always remember that you need to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out in the sun. For those who never bother to use sun protection, you need to watch out! The benefits of using sunscreen or any products with SPF include the prevention of possible skin damages, skin cancer and sunburns. Without any sun protection, your skin would age faster. So girls, make sure to have one sunscreen with you all the time!

Get the protective lotion here.
von vogue favourite sun care products sun protection origins age defense moisturizer spf 40

Origins Age-Defense

I recently received this from Origins and absolutely fall in love with this product! First of all, it smells really good (thanks to White Tea). I like it when a moisturizer comes with sun protection, because it simply save some time in the morning. One thing I've found that most of people don't remove sunscreen properly from the skin. The sunscreen residue on your face can result in clogging pores and causing zits and pimples. I personally like to use cleansing oil makeup remover before washing my face with a cleanser because the cleansing oil can dissolve the sunscreen easily. That way I can ensure that my face is totally free from any leftover sunscreen.

Get the age-defense moisturizer here.

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