Going Blonde

You might've already noticed my major hair change recently if you follow me on Instagram. That is, going blonde - platinum blonde, to be precise. This major hair change had been on my list for a super long time, but I didn't get a chance or found a trustworthy hair colourist in the town. Read over 20 Yelp reviews, had 3 hair consultations with three different salons, and finally narrowed down to one that I can finally trust.

The whole process of going from black to blonde took about almost two sessions, but each session was six weeks apart. I'm sure some salons can turn your hair in one day but that just put your hair at a very high risk of damaging your hair terribly. Each session took approximately 4-5 hours (can you blame me for having so much hair?!). My hair turned ash brown after the first session and finally turned blonde after the second one (I still need to go back to correct the yellow colour at the bottom).

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It is important not to neglect the afterwards hair care. Due to the heavy usage of bleaching and colouring, the hair is damaged and dry so it's better to take care of the hair to look healthy. I'm using a few shampoos that are recommended by my salon and coconut oil to protect and condition my hair. I will have a full process of how I take care of my blonde hair later, but meanwhile you might be able to see which products I'm currently using through my Instagram stories.

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