Fearless Traveler

von vogue coach space collection dinky

During my Vegas trip with friends a while ago, a random guy approached us and tried to start a conversation. “So do you guys travel?”, he asked while staring everyone in the group to seek for a response.

What an interesting question, I thought to myself.

I thought we are all here because we travel? I thought to myself again.

I mean who doesn’t travel nowadays? The guy’s intention to maintain the conversation failed as my friends and I looked at each other awkwardly without saying much to him.

Without a doubt, I love travelling. One of my current dreams is to quit my day job and travel around the world for six months or so. Yet, it’s easy to dream but hard to take actions there are many factors to be considered before I take a leap of faith. For now, I will keep it as a dream with future possibilities, just like Elon Musk’s dream to live in the space.

All this travel talk is because of Coach’s latest limited-edition Space Collection and the Dinky bag in glovetanned leather with space patches. The adorable patches remind me of fearless dreamers who never stop exploring, always look for adventures and believe anything is possible.
von vogue coach space collection dinky
von vogue coach space collection dinky
von vogue coach space collection dinky

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Created in Collaboration with Coach

von vogue coach space collection dinky

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